May 2014 Do Good Review

May was a big transition month for me personally. I retired from my job in education at age 50, and am now able to devote more time to P4G. We are growing and need all hands on deck. One of the most heartbreaking part of running this company is realizing how many people are in search of miracles, cures, prayers, love, acceptance, hope, and financial assistance. It is easy to feel like you are not doing as much as you could/should be. But then we step back and focus on the good. As a collective group of subscribers, you are making a difference in lives. Sometimes our donations may not seem substantial each month, but they are growing and they are consistently being given at the end of each month. We are also raising awareness for some of the children and people we spotlight each month. If you are a subscriber and have a cause that you want us to mention or use as our “You Pick For Me” subscribers, send us a note to We will place you on our list and let you know when your cause is coming up. Baby Leighton below is an example of one of our subscribers bringing her to our attention. We were so drawn to the story that we featured her for our subscribers who wish to help with Cancer victims and she was also featured for our “You Pick For Me.” We are a community helping others. Pass the word to your friends and share this post on your Facebook page. I want us to work together making something good happen every month!

Meet Baby Leighton

One of our members, Amanda, wrote:
“A friend of mine in Seattle, WA, could use some help right now. This is her niece’s story. At seven weeks old they found a melon-size cancerous tumor in her abdomen, growing at a faster rate than they expected, she’s now had 3 surgeries and is fighting for her life.” Leighton’s distended abdomen was quickly determined to be a cancerous tumor, which grew “a mile a minute”…Surgery was set for May 5th, but at the rate it was growing, it became very obvious this was a far more urgent matter and had to be removed right away. During which, many complications arose. Since then, swelling and infection, resulted in removal of this two-month-old baby’s bowels and intestines. She is awaiting a liver and pancreas transplant, but is too weak, and stressed to handle those surgeries at this time. As you can imagine, her parents are distraught. P4G will make a donation to this family fighting cancer for a little one. You can find out more at:

Sunshine On a Ranney Day

Meet Charlie Mabry, a beautiful, charismatic, 16-yr old Charlie, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Charlies’ mom, Jennifer, is a hero. She doesn’t have any family to call on, and does not have a financial support network. Her emotional support network is small. Charlie’s family constantly strives to give him the best quality of life they can under the circumstances, with the challenges he faces. They have always made it a priority to provide the happiest, most stable home and life they can for him. The family has fought tooth and nail to stay in the home they’ve slowly modified to accommodate Charlie, and to stay in the only community Charlie has ever known, with the continued guidance and support of his teachers and peers (whom he has known for the past 10+ years). They have done so despite numerous, consistent financial setbacks. And they have done so with smiles on their faces, and kindness to others .Sunshine on a Ranney Day has picked Charlie for a makeover; to be revealed on May 31. We are happy to support this new SOARD project. Find out more about Charlie at:

Ride To Give

If you follow Ride to Give on Facebook, you realize they change their causes about every two weeks, sometimes sooner. At the time of this writing, Sebastian was their early May cause. What a cutie pie! Sebastian, the third son of Shannon and Brandon, was born with Down syndrome, Atrioventricular Septal Defect, and a bowel blockage. He also has severe Tracheomalacia, which occurs when the cartilage in the windpipe (trachea) has not developed properly. Sebastian is now two years old and growing like a weed. He currently sleeps in an infant bouncy chair that is way too small for him and is in desperate need of a special medical bed. Due to Sebastian requiring 24/7 ventilator support and tube feeding, every time the wind blows the wrong way, his parents fear losing power. Ride to Give is stepping in to raise the funds needed for the medical bed and a 14,000 watt generator. You can follow his journey on their facebook page: Sebastian’s journey

Tripp Halstead Updates

I text Stacy at the end of every month to give her the report on how many subscriptions we have and ask her what she will be spending next month’s money on. Right now her immediate needs are diapers and wipes. Her readers had been thoughtful enough to send enough diapers to get her through a year! But those ran out a few months back and she has an unending need for them. Tripp wears a very large size, which is only available locally in the Pampers brand. I hope with this money she can get online and place a large order so she can stock up a bit and maybe save some money. If you are a parent, you can relate to going through diapers and hoping to find a coupon to save a dollar or two on a pack. They are expensive and as a parent you cannot wait until they are potty trained. With Tripp, that day is hopefully in his future, but it will be a long long road ahead and who knows how many diapers he will need. As you know when Tripp is in one of those vomiting modes, if often means he is in one of those “runs” modes too, as Stacy calls it. We are here for her in whatever she needs to spend the money on. But I like that she allows us to know her needs so we can all help.

Donors Choose

We are delighted to have a subscriber pick “Donor’s Choose”! With many members of our family as teachers, education is near and dear to our hearts. We love Donor’s Choose because you get to know exactly how your dollars are being spent. We actually loved their concept so much, that we wanted our subscribers to also experience specifically how their subscription was helping each month.
This month for Donor’s Choose we picked Mrs. Fruge’s technology project in Mamou, Louisiana. She teaches in one of the highest poverty districts and wants to encourage her 3-5 grade students to come to school on Saturdays by starting a robotics club. She is requesting a LEGO Robotics Mindstrom Kit. Local engineers will even volunteer their time each Saturday to teach the students and to eventually prepare them for local and state competitions.
Subscribers, if you know a teacher who is participating in a Donor’s Choose project, let us know and we can sponsor their project one month.

Best Friends Animal Society – Meet Ju Ju Bee

Birth defects are nobody’s fault.
But they’ve brought Ju Ju Bee a lot of rejection. When she was just eight weeks old, she was brought to an animal shelter with leg bones that were shaped like bows, and she walked on her ankles. She had an umbilical hernia. And a drastic overbite that made eating a challenge. On top of all of that, Ju Ju Bee’s own daddy attacked her and bit her head. So one of her eyes had been knocked out as well. Poor thing! The shelter brought her to a vet, who was able to put her eye back. But she has no vision in it, and even her “good eye” has damaged eyesight. In the meantime, playful Ju Ju Bee has come to Best Friends for all the special care she needs. She’s faced a lot of rejection, that’s for sure. But now, she’s finally getting the acceptance that she deserves. There’s some concern about how quickly Ju Ju Bee is growing, and the way her legs are developing. So she’s going on a special diet to try to slow down that growth. Her food will also need to be wet because of her awkward overbite. Her hernia was fixed during her spay surgery. And Best Friend’s will do everything they can to help her adjust to life with limited eyesight. is proud to support Ju Ju Bee. You can read more about here here:

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