We support the following USA charities.

Each charity was carefully chosen so subscribers will know EXACTLY how they are DOING GOOD each month.
We want your giving to be personal and intimate. Your box will include a newsletter each month with an update on the charity you pick.


Tripp Halstead

While playing outside at his daycare, Tripp was critically injured in October of 2012. Prior to the accident, he was a rambunctious two-year old who was full of life and a big smile. A tree limb fell on his head, crushing his skull.  There have been many days of touch and go for Tripp and his family.  People from all over the world follow his story on Facebook @ Tripp Halstead Updates. He has surpassed 1,000,000 followers!  You can get a glimpse into Tripp’s daily life by following his mom, Stacy’s posts.

If you choose Tripp as your charity, Stacy and Bill Halstead will receive a monthly check that we hope to last for many years to come.  With a critical needs child, money runs out fast.  Stacy needs to be by Tripp’s side and a monthly income would allow that to happen.




Ride to Give

Ride to Give is a new non-profit in NY which sprang from a charity 900 mile bike ride for Tripp Halestead. Kaete Nazaroff founded the non-profit when her first fund raising attempt raised $180,000! People everywhere responded and have been loyal followers and contributors.

We love Ride to Give because Kaete changes her cause weekly. She chooses one child in need to help for one week. She sets reasonable goals each week and we watch families’ lives change weekly.

In our newsletter, we will tell about the child you are helping. Imagine the good an army of subscribers could accomplish!






Sunshine on a Ranney Day

Holly Ranney works in the corporate world for Rooms to Go. She realized display furniture, which is in like-new condition, could not be resold. But it could be given away. Her idea bloomed. Her non-profit works with many generous people and businesses to give a facelift to the rooms of sick children. It is a smaller version of Home Makeover, but for very ill children. Holly and her team complete projects generally within a month.

By picking this charity, we will help Holly with her current project during that month. You will know exactly how we assisted by reading about the child in your newsletter who is receiving the current make-over. We have volunteered with this charity and left with a wonderful feeling of doing something good for a child!




Donors Choose

DonorsChoose is a non-profit which allows teachers to go online and post a need for their class. At Period for Good, we will sponsor a project in the name of our subscribers.

Our goal will be to choose one project monthly and make it happen for the teacher. Do you have a project on Donor’s Choose you want to recommend?

Just shoot us an email and we will do our best to fund the projects that our members recommend!

Your monthly newsletter will detail the project we are funding.





Make A Wish Foundation

Sadly everyone has someone in their life affected by cancer.  We wanted to choose a cancer charity that is familiar and one which comes to the assistance of families struggling with this terrible disease. Make A Wish also allows our giving to be personal.  We can pick a child to support each month.  Each month in your newsletter you will learn which wish you helped to make a reality.  Make A Wish will also assist with other life-threatening medical conditions of children.   Their mission is “to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy.”



Best Friends

Best Friends Animal Society

This is another large national charity whose motto for animals is “Save Them All.” They own/lease over 20,000 acres for an animal sanctuary. What drew us to this charity is that we can sponsor a specific animal that is housed at the sanctuary.

They routinely post pictures and journals of the animals which are available to be sponsored. We will pass all of this information on to our subscribers in your monthly newsletter about the animals we choose to sponsor. Imagine how many animals we can help as an army of subscribers!

Again, feel free to shoot us an email and recommend one of their animals for our sponsor dollars!