On this one particularly irritable day, I found myself rushing to Target to buy some last minute tampons. Because of school, work, and life, my period sort of snuck up on me. Sadly, I did not realize that I had no tampons until it was too late. I awkwardly walk through the store to get to that secret hidden aisle where they hide the tampons. I get there and the worst possible thing that can happen on an already horrible day happens. They are out of the brand I typically use. I felt like throwing my hands into the air and yelling “WHY??” Upset and annoyed I just grab the best-looking box and I leave. I then spent the next week furious that I did not have my right stuff when everything else in my body seemed to be turning itself into a BDSM dungeon. While realizing that in four years I had spent 112 trips to the store and 5,040 hours hunting down cooter corks, cotton rockets, plugs or whatever lovely name you want to call them. I was fed up. I was sick of this same thing happening over and over. I knew that there had to be a better way to get through an awful period. Then it hit me. Why not create a tampon delivery service? Never again would I have to search through my purse nervously on the first day praying that I had just one more tampon left. Never again would I have to drive to the store at 9:39 p.m. to find that they are out of my brand. Never again would I feel depressed and lonely as I cried to The Notebook thinking no one will ever love me. With Period for Good, your tampons will arrive on time (regardless if Aunt Flo does too). You will get the kind you want before you want it and it comes in a cute, discrete package that makes you feel like you have at least one friend looking out for you. Once the ideas of what I wanted to do with Period for Good came together, all the horrible experiences associated with a period made me think of other ways I could help myself and others feel good. I wanted local, creative, Artisan chocolates in each box. I wanted to include a little something extra just to let you know we care (Plus who doesn’t love good bubble bath or room sprays when the whole world seems to stink!) I wanted our box to be more than just the regular tampon box. I wanted this box to bring women together in a way that makes us all feel good. I wanted to bring women together by uniting people across the country in donations to shared causes. So, I called up my mom (Mama Bear), sister (Wild Child), and brother (Big Bird) to tell them the idea and in the next 20 minutes I assembled a business team.

Eventually, one thing led to another and we at Period for Good defined exactly what we wanted to become: an organization doing good, giving you exactly what you want, what you need, and a few extras too. We will accomplish this by sending you the tampons of your choice, any extras you choose (be sure to check out our exclusive membership page for personal purchases), chocolate, some pain meds, a surprise, delivered where and when you choose, and donating 25% of our profits to the charity of your choice. Together we can feel good while doing good, and on the months where cute accessories are the surprise, we can also look good while doing it! Yes, you get all that. Yes, changing your world is that easy. Yes, you will subscribe now—jk—but seriously. Sign up today and doing good will just be that easy with periodforgood.com. -MORGAN website photo